Apple could be reintroducing the camera for its 7th generation iPod nano, according to rumours that have been kicked up following a leaked picture of a supposed nano case complete with a camera hole.

It's probably nothing but a fake Taiwanese knock-off, we know, but it's the second time a camera friendly nano case has turned up online and we thought it best to acknowledge it, just in case there is any substance to the claim.

The 5th generation iPod nano packed a video camera, but this was dropped for the super small 6th generation clip-boasting model.

Speaking of the clip, the case seems to indicate that Apple will drop this, or at least give users the opportunity to case it up without one.

The camera the new nano will be packing is said to be just 1.3-megapixel, so it could only be video again then.

Usually iPods are refreshed by Apple in September, so we suppose all will be revealed then.