Costume jewellery may be good enough for Virgin Media TiVo boxes and ladies' mirkins, but when it comes to the real bling thing, you need the genuine sparkle of diamonds. And there's no company better placed to add swagger to accessories than ZShock.

Generally, the company likes nothing better than to slap ice onto a G-Shock watch for famous R&B and rap stars to be seen out on the town with, but now it's turned its attentions to the iPod nano, and more specifically, an iPod nano watch strap.

As BGR reveals during its hands-on test, each Lunatik iPod nano case takes three to four weeks to complete as each stone needs to be individually set into the white gold frame by hand, and they're very precisely packed in. Plus, it's possible to ask for different materials or carats of diamonds, so customisation is key.

However, at $18,000 per watch, Pocket-lint has decided to stick to vajazzling after all.

Mind you, they do throw the iPod nano in for free.