UK retailer John Lewis has seen a massive rise in the sales of high-end gadgets and technology over the last six weeks, with one sector growing by 385 per cent.

Sales of KitchenAid stand mixers, costing £419 and above, have risen that enormous amount in only six weeks. And other premium appliances and devices have increased in popularity too:

DSLR cameras from £329 have seen sales increase by 38 per cent, Apple IT from £329 (including the iPad) is up 57 per cent, American fridge freezers from £665 up 69 per cent, and bean to cup coffee machines from £799, such as the DeLonghi Perfecta, are up by a staggering 275 per cent.

The chain reports that this is a strong trend in what it calls "considered consumption", where people are willing to pay more for devices and appliances that they believe will last longer and be better future proofed.

“Over the last six weeks, premium appliances have been leading the way in all categories, with customers choosing to spend more on products that will stand the test of time in terms of design and functionality,” said Robbie Feather, the store's buying director.

Could tech be driving the march out of recession?

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