Apple has decided that even though the word "pod" has been around for longer than anyone can remember - being used in phrases like "two peas in a pod" - when it comes to using it in technology, it not only means the iPod, but that no other company should be able to use it.

The row has come about because of a projector called Video Pod, first created in 2000 and currently being developed by start-up Sector Labs who is being taken to the US court by Apple over the use of the name.

“My team started working on the Video Pod in 2000, and it took us years to go from prototype to funded”, Daniel Kokin founder of Sector Labs told “At that time, Apple didn’t even enter our minds as a competitor. Now it’s 2010, and I still don’t think Apple is interested in video projection, but I’m supposed to rename our product because Apple also uses pod?”

Apple has filed an 873-page briefing paper to the court laying out its claim to exclusive use of the name.

"What I'm hoping to do with this case is to really reach a lot broader audience and make it so entrepreneurs and small businesses can use the English language as they see fit in branding their products", Ana Christian, Sector Labs' lawyer, told

The legal claim to the name will be decided in a US court over the next month.

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