And so it continues. As Pocket-lint predicted, a flood of manufacturers are falling over each other to create and release watch straps for the new iPod Nano.

The latest is case manufacturer Incipio (, which has designed and prepared its Linq straps just in time for the Apple device's worldwide roll-out.

"Meet the most rugged carrying solution for iPod nano produced to date, the Linq," the company claims on its website. "This is for users who already have or aspire for a lifestyle of action. Linq provides the user with an all-day, everyday accessory that may be worn effortlessly but always boldly". Yep, it's a canvas strap, much like the canvas straps we detailed before, and will no doubt detail again.

This time, however, the nano is encased in a proprietary protector, so at least it's a bit more sturdy. And, as the case will hide the body of the device, it doesn't even have to match colour.

Unfortunately, neither price nor release date are forthcoming as yet, but we the others we've seen so far are around the $20 mark. Keep 'em peeled.

Are you "watch"ing out for the new accessories (groan)? If so, let us know in the comments below...