We're not sure whether the guys over at iFixit are fanboys or not.

Sure, they focus heavily on Apple products and love getting their hands on the latest Cupertino kit, but they also like taking that kit to pieces.

It's like some sort of sick techno-surgery fetish that they've got going on.

But, at least we get to see what kit Apple have packed into its devices without having to take our own iProducts apart.

The latest device to get the iFixit teardown treatment is the iPod touch 4G.

ipod touch 4g teardown treatment image 4

And the big news is that the memory is the 256MB Samsung SDRAM that lurks inside the iPad, not the 512MB of the iPhone 4.

There's also no vibration module for the iPod 4G - some reports suggested that this would be on board for FaceTime call alerts, but not so.

As expected, the rear camera's megapixel count is pretty paltry - just 0.7 with a resolution of 960x720.

The teardown also reveals that, as usual, Apple has soldered the battery to the logic board - making it harder to fit a replacement if needs be.

If your into Apple torture, you'll also be interested to know that the iFixit gang has also torn apart the latest iPod Shuffle.

ipod touch 4g teardown treatment image 6

Is no Apple device safe from these monsters?