It's small, it's compact, but what's it like inside? Thankfully, the chaps over at iFixit have taken apart the latest iPod Shuffle so you don't have to.

While the 3rd Generation had a press-fit back cover and a battery soldered to the logic board, making replacement quite difficult, the site found that the 4th Gen is even harder to open, thanks to the generous application of glue in addition to the press-fit back cover.

In its disassemble, iFixit found that the "Repairability" of the new iPod Shuffle is just 2 out of 10 - that's bad by the way - and you'll essentially have to break it to open it to fix it.

It gets worse if you are planning on replacing the battery - it is soldered to the logic board, making replacement that much more difficult.

On the upside, if there is one, the lack of a screen eliminates a large weak point of other devices, making the Shuffle more resilient to falls. Just don't flush it down the toilet.