At the Apple "Special Event" in San Francisco Apple has revealed it is to update its entire iPod range in time for the lucrative "Holidays" season.

Steve Jobs says that the iPod nano has always been "super popular" but Apple wanted to make it smaller. Jobs stated the only way they could achieve this was to lose the buttons and give it a multi-touch touchscreen.

The new device is tiny - basically just a square touchscreen with a clip on the back, making it as portable and gym-friendly as the shuffle. The new nano boasts an FM radio, pedometer and a clock.

To place its size reduction into context the new iPod nano is 46 per cent smaller and 42 per cent lighter than the previous model, with colours coming in grey, pink, blue, green and orange.

Prices will come in at $149 for the 8GB and $179 for the 16GB and should be available next week in the States but no word on a UK release.

UPDATE: The iPod nano will have a UK price of £129 for the 8GB model and £159 for the 16GB version.