Of all the updates made by Apple to the iPod range, it is the nano that is the most dramatic. From the bar with click wheel, to a square with a compact touchscreen interface, the nano really does live up to its name in its new form.

The tiny device nestles neatly in the centre of your hand, but still packs in a whole load of functionality. You still get all your music options, as well as Genius, and you get the likes of Nike+ and a pedometer, as well as an FM radio.

The screen is bright and the colours punchy, showing off your album artwork. With a clip on the back like the old (and new) shuffle, you can also rotate the entire screen so it doesn’t matter how and where you clip it, as you'll be able to view things the right way round.

As always, Pocket-lint was at the front of the action, waiting to bring you our hands-on gallery with the new iPod nano.

Hitting stores next week, the 8GB version can be yours for £129 and the 16GB will set you back £159.

Take a look at how the latest iPod nano compares to the older model. Should you be thinking of upgrading?