Just hours before Apple's Special Event (which starts at 6pm today - Wednesday 1 September), multiple sources are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast to pre-confirm as to what the Cupertino based company will launch.

Will it be iTV (much to the chagrin of the UK television broadcaster of the same name)? Will it be a new cloud-based streaming service? Or, how about a new iPod or a new version of Garage Band? We've scoured the web for you, and here are the products that, if all the sources are true to their word, will be announced at the event.

The rumours for the iPod nano touch centre around a 1.7-inch touchscreen panel that surfaced some weeks back. It is, therefore, expected to bring the iPod nano, the company's smaller iPod device, into the touch fold.

Sources here claim that while it will be announced at the event it won't be available straight away.

The good news, however, is that, if  true, it will cost the same as the current models and, although no-one has seen a final version of the device for a spy shot, there have been plenty of screen leaks.

Expect a wrist band accessory to be available from day one and heavy integration of the Nike Plus system.

Probability rating: 9/10

Some rumours are suggesting that it's not the iPod nano getting a refresh, it's the iPod shuffle that will be beefing up. However, conflicting sources to different publications suggest that this isn't likely to happen. Apple needs an entry-level gift device and the iPod shuffle without a screen fulfils this job.

Probability rating: 9/10

This is pretty much where all the rumour stories first began and with the iPod touch getting an update every year "sources" from around the web are very confident that a new model will be launched at the Special Event - why break the habit after all.

Virtually all the reports of the supposed device focus on a forward facing camera and the inclusion of FaceTime - Apple's video calling service. It is also expected to feature a similar design to the iPhone 4, get the Retina screen, and possibly even a camera.

Probability rating: 9/10

Apple followers will know it was originally called the Apple iTV anyway, but now sources suggest that Apple will return to this name. There is mixed feeling about whether or not the Apple TV, to be called iTV, will be getting a look in at the event, although a series of other rumours around streaming services could mean the Special Event is used as a launch pad for the new device.

Rumours so far say that it will be smaller, and run iOS 4 (the same operating system as the iPhone) so you'll be able to download apps to your TV, as well as allow it to talk to your iPhone or iPad, effectively turning them into remote controls.

Probability rating: 7/10

Having bought a streaming music service earlier in the year only to shut it down, sources claim that Apple will use the music-focused event - there was a guitar on the invite after all - to launch iTunes in the cloud allowing you to access music anywhere, as long as you have internet connectivity. Furthermore, sources "familiar with the matter" claim that the iTunes preview time for tracks you are about to buy will be doubled from 30 to 60 seconds.

Probability rating: 8/10

The latest rumour to enter the fray is that Apple has signed a deal with both ABC and Fox TV channels to stream TV shows and movies to its devices, be it the iPad or the iTV. As late as Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal states: "As part of the Apple event Wednesday, News Corp.’s Fox and Walt Disney’s ABC networks are slated to be announced as offering 99-cent rentals of television shows through the iTunes store, according to people familiar with the matter".

Probability rating: 8/10

But wait, there's more. Apple has also, according to Bloomberg, done a deal with Netflix in the US, in order to allow its users to stream content on Apple devices.

Add all of these to the fact that Apple, for the first time in around 7 years, has decided to stream the event (if only to Apple devices) and you've got yourself a rumour that is full of conspiracy theories.

Probability rating: 8/10

Garage Band on the iPad for music making on the go, or just an update to its iLife software, are both born of the fact that the invite featured a guitar - the icon for Garage Band. The software is due an update and although it's probably the least exciting of all the rumours and gossip floating around, it's still something that is floating around.

Probability rating: 7/10

Every Apple event starts with a bunch of statistics from Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, who loves to tell the world how well Apple has done since the last one. With Apple passing the 250,000 apps available in the iTunes store last month, it's a dead cert that Apple will want the world to know.

Probability rating: 10/10

It was promised at the launch of iOS 4 earlier this year, and the event seems to be the perfect place to announce when the iPad will be getting multitasking.

Probability rating: 10/10

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