Apple's now formally announced it is holding a special event on the 1 September to, as the invite suggests, launch new music related products.

That, we know. What we don't know, however, is what's hiding in the image the company has sent out.

Putting the image through Photoshop to see if anything was hiding within (a bit like HTC did with its rumoured Desire HD launch) we found something rather strange, right in front of us.

Before you ask, it wasn't Steve Jobs with a big smile, but something that we are, to be honest, struggling to work out.

On asking some guitar players we know, they were as confused as us as to what's behind the strings in the image. Not content with that, we've also done a lengthy search on Google images to see if we can see the same artefact, but with no luck. Virtually every image either shows nothing or a label, certainly not a strange two screen like device.

Then there is the fact that it's at a strange angle. Very puzzling, very puzzling indeed.

So what is it?Something to do with the guitar, or Apple's latest product?

UPDATE: We've added a image of the bridge of a Martin HD-28 and while the straps look similar, they are not the same. Bad Photoshop job by Apple? Keep those theories coming.

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