A pic of what looks like an iPod touch 4G (or 4, if it follows Apple's iPhone branding pattern) has been leaked by a case manufacturer.

Of course, it may only be a mock-up - it's most likely to be, in fact - but as case manufacturers are given exact dimensions by Apple ahead of launch, including placement of such things as camera lenses and buttons, Pocket-lint believes the final product will be very similar.

It also complies with details predicted by UK retailer John Lewis made at the beginning of July. In it, Rob Hennessey, buyer audio and telecomms, stated that he believed that the main new add-ons will include "an improved 5-megapixel camera with a flash" and that "Apple will very much target the new iPod as a multimedia device for kids and teenagers".

He also said that Apple will launch the new iPod touch in September 2010.

The pic was sent to Hardmac by an unnamed source, who has proven reliable in the past. There's no indication of which case manufacturer or, indeed, case is involved.

What do you think? Convincing or just a fake? Go on, let us know in the comments below...