According to an Apple insider, there are plans for the company to offer an iPad engraving service in order to maximise sales for the forthcoming 2010 Christmas period.

Similar to the iPod laser engraving service currently offered by the firm, a new iPad can be engraved with a personal message. And the best news is that's source - the bean-spiller - believes that this will be for free.

“From what I understand, Apple’s going to be offering customers the option to get their iPads engraved just before the Holidays roll around”, the source told the site.

Additionally, this will be "…most likely free, especially since they’ll be trying to sell a ton more of the tablets during the holiday season".

And, it is this second comment that leads us to believe it's true. It seems likely to us, on Pocket-lint, that Apple will be seeking to add extra value to its tablet on the build up to Christmas, with rival products likely to be clamouring for market share, and the company looking to sell beyond the Apple fanboy base which has, most likely, adopted early.

What do you think? Would you have your iPad engraved? If, so what with? Let us know in the comments below...