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(Pocket-lint) - Major UK retailer, John Lewis, believes that there'll be a substantial refresh of the iPod Touch this coming September 2010. Speaking at the company's Christmas look-ahead event in London, Rob Hennessey, buyer audio and telecomms, outlined the major features that the device is likely to carry, based on information given to him from suppliers.

The main new add-ons will be an improved 5-megapixel camera with a flash, that can shoot HD video, the adoption of the same sort of accelerometer and gyroscope found in the iPhone 4, and FaceTime calling over Wi-Fi.

He also believes that Apple will very much target the new iPod as a multimedia device for kids and teenagers.

His entire predictions are as follows (as per the presentation):

- Likely to be sold as a multimedia device targeted at youth / kids

- Improved 5-megapixel camera so can shoot HD video / upload to YouTube. And flash so it can take photos in the dark

- Social networking

- Accelerometer and gyroscope, significant in developing the gaming credentials of the product

- FaceTime calling over Wi-Fi, so can communicate with friends for zero cost

Naturally, there's been no announcements from Apple, but considering that John Lewis' electronics department is important to the iPod market in the UK, there's no reason to doubt any of this info.

Writing by Rik Henderson.