Usually an online reviewer of music gadgets and iPad apps, VJ Franz K has taken to creating one of his own, the MANTARAY iTAR. Honestly.

The iTAR has, in its body, an iPad (running such apps as the Aurora Sound Studio), a Kaoss Pad, and "other musical devices". He probably says what they are later in the video, but we're genuinely too freaked out to watch it all the way through.

We dare you to though, especially as Franz K plans to sell his MANTARAY iTARs to anybody who's interested. After all, as he says himself, "gadget music is the new punk rock!"

So if you are inclined to dabble with some "new and interesting sounds never been heard before" (except at a Brian Eno gig), drop him a line and join the waiting list.

Now, excuse us as we have a bit of a lie down.