Up until very recently, the best thing to come out of Vietnam was its delicious goi cuon, or summer rolls to the non Vietnamese speaking readers. That was until Vietnamese website Tinhte announced its presence to the world by releasing a video of an iPhone 4G that it had managed to, somehow, get hold of.

It followed this up by unveiling the new MacBook, a day before Apple decided it wanted to. And now, it has seemingly gone and done it again - this time releasing a video that shows off an iPod touch with a 2-megapixel camera built in.

There's a DVT-1 marking on the rear which identifies an early model in the process of testing. It's Foxconn manufactured, of course, and it has a 64GB label too. But the big news is the camera inclusion.

If Apple threw in 3G as well, then it could be some sort of super smartphone, that would surely take the world by storm. They could call it the iPho.....oh.