Apple has updated its iPad images on its UK site to reflect that Brits don't all read the New York Times.

The move can either be read in a "Fan boy type of way" that a UK specific announcement is about to be made any moment now, or just a "more likely type of way" that the iPhone maker has got around to updating out of date and out of reference imagery.

Of all the national papers, The Guardian, has been chosen as the best fit to lure potential iPad users to sign on the dotted line and is now plastered across the Apple UK homepage.

The imagery and voice, which has also been used in the past for the iPhone 3GS, is very different from when Apple launched the iPhone 3G with The Times as the favoured newspaper instead.

apple says uk ipad owners read the guardian image 2

The Times was the paper of choice for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Image Credit: Flickr

At the time, people within the The Times told Pocket-lint, as an aside, that the newspaper had nothing to do with the decision, but was grateful for the extra advertising.

So do Apple feel that the Guardian readership is more suited to a tablet device, is it worried that News Corps (the owner of The Times) isn't web friendly enough just months before a paywall is erected, or did Apple just fancy a change?

What do you think?