Apple iPod touch users feeling left out because they can't get all those GPS applications are being thrown an alternative with the launch of a new GPS gadget in the US called the Dual XGPS300.

Although the iPod touch doesn't have a GPS receiver in it, that hasn't stopped the company behind the new gadget, which will cost $179, from offering a GPS solution for those who have the "Funnest" iPod on the block.

According to its makers, the device complies with a requirement from Apple to provide GPS location data to any app which requests it, including apps for hiking, bicycling, social networking and geocaching, as well as other navigation apps suggesting other GPS makers could enable their Car Kit mounts to work for the iPod touch as well.

Users will be expected to plug in their MP3 player into the cradle, slap it to their windscreen and navigate from there.

Unlike the TomTom iPhone car kit that expects you to buy the App and the car kit separately, the Dual system will offer the GPS for free, although iPhone users hoping for a free Navigation app will be disappointed. It will be locked, so you'll only be able to use it with the cradle.

“There are approximately 24 million iPod touch owners worldwide who are missing out on the ever-growing number of location-based apps” said Jim Braun, president and CEO of Dual Electronics.

The new bit of kit is expected to be available in the US at the end of November, with a spokeswomen for the company telling Pocket-lint that a UK version would be on the cards for 2010.

The cradle also includes a rechargeable battery, amplified speaker, audio out connection and mini USB port. An adjustable windshield mount is also included for in-car use.