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(Pocket-lint) - While Amazon's Astro robot certainly drummed up a lot of interest upon first announcement, very little has been seen in the wild.

Early adopters who took part in Amazon's Day One Editions program now have their hands on the robot, in fact, some report it began shipping back in November.


Despite this, we have seen barely any photos or videos of Astro in action. Now, thankfully, Bob Rekita has pulled out his phone to give us more of a glimpse into life with an Astro.

The video shows Astro being commanded to go to "the den" before trundling off with a beer in the cupholder on its back.

It's not shown, but we have to presume a human associate put the beer in there - since Astro doesn't have arms.

Astro is then told to "find Celeste" and can be seen tilting its head, or screen, as it hunts the room.

Eventually, Astro finds its target and "Hi Celeste" is displayed on the screen as it arrives to quench her thirst.

Another user, Matthew Nereim, shared images, a video and details of his Astro experience with Bloomberg.

Nereim thinks of the Astro like his own personal R2-D2, and he gets it to follow him around the house acting as a portable Alexa smart display.

He did, however, note some issues like the Astro getting confused when looking for its charging dock and, obviously, not being able to deal with stairs.

The Astro costs $999 for early backers but has a regular price of $1,449.99, Nereim reckons that's a bit steep. He paid $999 and, even then, thinks $700 would be a better price.

If you're in the US and fancy your own personal robot, the Astro is available via invite-only as a Day One Edition

Writing by Luke Baker.