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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has opened its first store in the UK - indeed, it's the first anywhere outside of the US using the 'Just Walk Out' technology it debuted on its Amazon Go stores, first in its home city of Seattle and then elsewhere.

Instead of Amazon Go, the store in the UK is branded as Amazon Fresh, so we guess we can expect any further stores to use that name - it's rumoured that Amazon may roll out as many as 30 stores in the UK. The opening comes days after our speculation on the location of the first UK store.


The store is located in Ealing, West London (59 The Broadway, Ealing, London, W5 5JN if you want to pop along) and, according to Amazon has 2,500 square foot of shopping space. 

AmazonAmazon opens its first cashier-free store in the UK - just walk out! photo 1

Amazon Go stores use so-called "Just Walk Out" technology, which essentially means there are no cashiers or checkouts. You enter, scan the Amazon app at the gate (which is, of course, linked to your Amazon account), do your shopping and just walk out. You'll be emailed a receipt for your shopping afterwards. 

The shop is basically a convenience store - think Tesco Metro. Some in the US do more convenience food and coffee (Amazon Go) vs a more general shop (Amazon Fresh) and this appears to be in the latter category, not least because of the name. 

Hot food is offered which "is regularly replenished and served from a grab-and-go heated cabinet so the food is hot and there is still no need to queue".

AmazonAmazon opens its first cashier-free store in the UK - just walk out! photo 4

We've visited the original Amazon Go store in Amazon's home city of Seattle and can confirm it's a remarkable experience. There are over 25 such stores in the US and Amazon has long been rumoured to be opening one in the UK.

AmazonAmazon opens its first cashier-free store in the UK - just walk out! photo 3

This Amazon Fresh store is also selling own-brand goods called (somewhat unorignally) ‘by Amazon’. Amazon works with Morrisons for its Amazon Fresh delivery goods and we reckon its likely the goods under this brand also originate from Morrisons. 

This brand includes meat, poultry and fish items as well as dairy, fruit and veg, bakery, freshly prepared meals and everyday essentials. Coincidentally, this store will also sell household goods, magazines, flowers, Amazon devices and more.

So yes, you'll be able to pop an Echo Dot in your basket alongside a loaf of bread. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.