(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced a contactless payment system that doesn't need a card nor phone. Instead, Amazon One can read your palm to enable payments.

Also able to be used for ticketless entry into stadiums, redeeming loyalty card offers, or even as a replacement for workplace security badge readers, the technology will first be installed in a couple of Amazon Go stores. It will be added at the entry gate to enable customers to scan in as part of their cashier-less shopping experience.

Registering with Amazon One is simple - you insert your credit card into the reader, then hover your palm over the device. It will prompt you to associate that card with your own unique palm print.

You can enroll with either one palm or two - in case a reader is set on either side. Once registered, you just need to hover your palm over the reader again whenever you visit the store.

You don't even need an Amazon account to use Amazon One, as it links to your bank or credit card instead.

Amazon will offer the technology to third-parties too. Stadiums, for example, could speed up entry through the system, for example, instead of requiring ticket scanning.

Of course, this will be more for when the pandemic is over and attendees to sporting events and the like are authorised to return.

"We’re excited to see Amazon One in more retail environments and are in active discussions with several potential customers, but beyond that, we’ll have to ask you to stay tuned," said Amazon in its own blog.

Writing by Rik Henderson.