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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon Go cashierless stores have been around for a few years now, but in limited areas of the US and as smaller convenience stores. 

Now though, Amazon has launched its first Amazon-branded supermarket called Go Grocery. Like a couple of other Amazon Go stores it's located in Amazon's home city of Seattle. Could this be a testbed for a larger international rollout of Amazon Go? 

The store is similar to Amazon Go but has a lot of groceries that have been sourced from the Whole Foods grocery store chain which Amazon also owns. 

Rumours have been circling for some time that Amazon is also going to open an Amazon Go store outside of the US and probably in London where it has reportedly found a location. However, it's now a year since that news broke with no sign of the store itself. 

Once again the new store takes advantage of Amazon's overhead cameras to track items as they are picked up, removed or replaced on the shelves. Staff at the new store do have to interact with you if you wish to buy alcohol as they'll need to check your ID. 

And yes, you really can just walk out - you're then charged only for the items you've taken with you. It's incredibly clever tech and, as we said in our feature about the technology, it really does surprise you the first time you go there. 

We know that Tesco is planning on launching cashierless stores in the UK, too. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 25 February 2020.