(Pocket-lint) - There's no doubt that Amazon Go has been a successful experiment - but now other major global retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and planning for a cashierless future where stores can charge customers without needing to actually check out. 

UK giant Tesco has teamed up with Trigo Vision Ltd, which has developed a camera-and-software based system similar to Amazon's setup.

The supermarket giant has recently said it has been testing out checkout-free stores, but isn't yet ready to launch but Trigo has said it will be ready to roll out its tech in around a year. 

Tesco has also reportedly trialled a Scan Pay Go app at its HQ to test out self-checkout using your phone - Sainsbury's recently tested this out at its Holborn store. 

We know that Amazon wants to roll out its Amazon Go concept to countries outside of the US as well as expanding its portfolio in the US itself. Indeed, it was reported earlier this year that Amazon has indeed secured retail space in London, thought to be near Oxford Circus.

Microsoft is also set to open its first European retail store in Oxford Circus in a couple of weeks. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.