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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon's Kindle family breaks down into three major segments - the cheap Kindle, the Paperwhite and the luxury Oasis. The entry-level £69.99 model has now got a front light, making the cheapest Kindle even more attractive.

The light on the Kindle casts illumination across the front of the display, meaning you can read in the dark without needing the room lights on or using a torch. It's an amazing feature, perfect for camping, hotel sharing - anywhere you want to read without disturbing other people.


It's entirely different to tablets which use a backlight, as the display here is E Ink, hugely power efficient, meaning you get weeks of reading from a Kindle, rather than hours.

An illuminated Kindle has previous been a fairly expensive option with the Paperwhite costing £119.99; that's all changed, making the basic Kindle a lot more appealing. Amazon says that this uses the latest version of E Ink technology, with a 6-inch 167ppi display, the same resolution as the entry-level model previously.

The new Kindle comes with Bluetooth, allowing connection to headphones for Audible books, and comes with all the advantages that the Kindle offers, like syncing across devices, and easy access to Kindle books online.

Amazon has also made some software updates arriving with new model, with a new "marked read" indicator which will make it easier to see which books you've read, across any device you're accessing your Kindle library on. Existing Kindles back to 2013 will receive this update too.

The new Kindle is now available for pre-order. There's also going to be a special offer of 3-months Kindle Unlimited free from 10 April, which is the day the new Kindle will be available from.

Writing by Chris Hall.