(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is significantly switching up its physical retail strategy, at least in the US. 

The company is shutting down its pop-up kiosks, because it wants to focus on other types of physical shops, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. As a result, Amazon will shut down the pop-ups, which includes 87 mini-stores across the US, by 29 April. These stores have been in existence since 2014, typically inside malls.

They usually sell Amazon's own devices, such as Echo speakers, Kindle tablets, and so on. The kiosks could also be found in some rival stores, including Kohl’s, as well as Amazon-owned Whole Foods stores. Speaking of Whole Foods, as we recently reported, Amazon plans to open up an entirely new grocery store chain under a new brand name.

All these signs point to an abrupt shift in Amazon's retail strategy. The company, which also operates cashier-less grocery stores, has reportedly been considering ways it can offer a wide variety of products to consumers offline. From toys and games to home and kitchen goods, it appears as though nothing is off limits. Amazon wants to sell it all.

In a statement to the media, Amazon said it currently wants to expand its Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star stores, the latter of which only sells four-star rated items, and that it expects to open up new locations of both stores this year.

In other words, even though its kiosks are going away, Amazon still wants to dominate physical retail.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Stuart Miles.