(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is offering more tours of its fulfilment centres across the UK - opening them for people to see what happens after they click on "buy now".
Amazon fulfilment centre tours have been running for about four years now. But, the number of centres available has been expanded to include more locations to eight of the company’s distribution centres across the UK.

Strangely, its first and biggest hub just outside Milton Keynes is not included, but several others are.  
According to Amazon, the tours are for those who want to see the inner workings of how orders are processed and the technology behind items' journeys.

"Visitors will have the chance to take a close look at the daily job of employees at work, as well as observing many of the key processes and technologies of the fulfilment centre, from picking – retrieving ordered items from the shelves – to packing," it says.
Exciting, right?
The company that ships millions of packages a year has already had thousands of people through the door.
Muriel Fitzjohn (87) and her husband John (92) were two of the first guests to enjoy the new public tour of the company’s Peterborough fulfilment centre in the UK.
"John booked the tour for inspiration as he continued his search for Muriel’s wedding anniversary present," Pocket-lint was told by Stuart Jackson, director of communications at Amazon. "When they weren’t browsing, they even found time for a dance in the aisles."
When Amazon first started in the UK, it famously used to send its own staff to the distribution centre to help pick and pack, gift wrap and aid in other tasks as part of an "all hands-on deck approach".
That was, as we’ve witnessed first hand, a fascinating insight into how Amazon processes an order. Although we wouldn’t recommend having a go yourself; picking and packing at speed isn't as easy as it sounds.
If you’re looking to make it a party, Amazon gives the opportunity to book a free tour up to 10 people, although they do have to be over six years old.

Writing by Stuart Miles.