(Pocket-lint) - Delivery robots are becoming a thing, with everyone from Domino's to Amazon either making autonomous helpers or full-fledged drones for the last mile.

Speaking of Amazon, it has developed a new last-mile delivery bot. Called Scout, it's meant to deliver Amazon packages in the last mile or so of the delivery process. You see, the last leg of a delivery, called the last mile, is an expensive part of the shipping process. It regularly comprises up to a third of the total cost of delivering goods. That's why retailers and online companies like Amazon are exploring ways to make it more efficient.

Scout is Amazon's latest way to save money and be innovative. It looks like a large blue mail box stacked on six wheels. It's in testing, with just six devices being used in a single neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington. The Scouts are only delivering packages Monday through Friday during daylight hours are are being accompanied by humans to make sure no accidents happen.


We can only imagine the reaction of dogs in the neighborhood to these new mail bots. It'd be interesting to see if Amazon ramps up use of Scout in the near future. After all, it's been teasing drone deliveries for years, but those have yet to receive a wider rollout. However, Amazon does have tonnes of robots working in its warehouses. Those robots can do a range of tasks, including move pallets.

Once all the kinks are worked out, Scout could be great at accomplishing deliveries in areas like college campuses or large offices. The main obstacle would probably be vandalism, or the aforementioned dogs wanting to chase them down.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.