Anki's super-dinky home robot is getting Amazon Alexa integration thanks to a new software update landing next week. 

Vector features voice control anyway via the command "Hey Vector" and you can use that to get updates on simple stuff like the weather as well as give commands without needing to use a phone. But now that Alexa is supported it'll become a whole lot more useful. 

Saying "Alexa" to the robot pops up a blue ring on the robot's face - the device already includes directional mics so should be responsive from all angles. 

You're then able to ask for whatever you want to - providing it's within Alexa's grasp. So you're able to change your thermostat, add to your shopping list and set reminders. There are several Alexa features you won't be able to get like Drop In and calling. 

It's clear from the video below that Anki doesn't see Alexa as a replacement for Vector's standard voice control since Alexa can't perform the Vector-specific commands such as "go home". But it does mean there's now a lot more knowledge the diminutive robot can now bring to the fore.