Amazon has slashed prices on many of its own devices today in the run up to Mother's Day, including the Kindle Paperwhite - one of its best eBook readers.

It is discounted in both the UK and US with £20 and $20 knocked off the retail prices respectively.

Other Amazon devices are available with big discounts too:

As well as the Kindle Paperwhite on its own, you can also get one in an Essentials Bundle for £137.97. That includes an official Amazon leather cover and Powerfast 9W power adapter. 

While the Paperwhite is still a little more expensive than the basic Kindle (which is only £59.99), the illumination across the front of the display brings a lot of advantages. When the lights dim, you won't need to turn on the lights, so it's great for travelling, perfect for flights or reading in a tent on those barmy summer nights.

The Paperwhite is also a healthy bit cheaper than the next model up - the Voyage - which adds automatic illumination so it will adjust the brightness according to your conditions.

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