Amazon has just announced an updated version of the Kindle Oasis and one of the headline features is support for Audible, meaning you can switch from reading to listening, thanks to Bluetooth hardware in the new device.

However, Amazon also has a couple of other Kindles in the family that offer Bluetooth and these will both be getting an update so that they can support Audible too. 

The entry-level Kindle (2016, eighth-gen) and original Kindle Oasis (also 2016) both have the hardware in place so you'll be able to make a Bluetooth connection to headphones, speakers or your car, allowing you play Audible books. 

The inclusion of Bluetooth in these devices isn't something that's been widely acknowledged. In fact, Bluetooth isn't listed in the specs for the basic Kindle, but is in place to support one of the accessibility features - VoiceView. For the Kindle Oasis, there's no mention of it at all. 

Amazon tells us that an update will enable the Audible feature, meaning that you can also sync any Audible books you might have. If you've got both versions of a book, then you can seamlessly switch from reading to listening. Amazon also offers a £2.99 special price on Audible editions, if you buy them at the same time as the Kindle book.

We're not sure when this software update will be arriving, but there's one thing to bear in mind: both the Kindle and Kindle Oasis only have 4GB of storage, whereas the new Kindle Oasis now comes with 8GB or 32GB, so storage space on older devices might be somewhat limited.