The Amazon Kindle ebook reader is now available to be ordered by those residing in the UK.

Previously only available to consumers in the States, Amazon recently announced it would offer an "International Edition" of its popular eReader.

However, those in the UK, and the 200 other countries the device is now available to, will have to order the device through in US dollars, and stump up for the relevant import fees.

In addition to this, Amazon will be charging UK customers more for content for the Kindle, around $13.99 (£8.75) per book instead of the American price of $9.99 (£6.25).

And finally, UK consumers should note that the Kindle will ship with a US power charger, which, although the device can also charge up via USB, means if they want to wall charge their device, they'll need to buy an adaptor.

So, has this put off UK gadget-lovers from wanting a Kindle? In our most recent Pocket-lint reader poll, we asked "Do you plan to buy an International Edition Kindle?"

The results were fairly even with Pocket-lint readers' love of gadgetry coming in with 48% saying "yes" and 52% with a "no".

Were you a yes or are you sticking with a no? Have your say on Amazon's International Edition Kindle option in the comments box below...