Amazon has confirmed to Pocket-lint that International customers won't have to pay for roaming charges on the new Kindle International edition.

"No they won’t", a spokesman for the company from the UK office told Pocket-lint after we asked if the company could confirm whether or not UK customers will have to pay the $1.99 download charge, before adding "Wireless delivery is included in the price of the book for international customers so there are no additional charges".

The confusion has arisen over how UK customers and those in other countries will be able to access books over the 3G connection Amazon is promising, as Amazon has confirmed that the Kindle will be roaming on the AT&T Global network.

However, UK users will still only be able to order the new Kindle via the US Amazon site and pay customs tax on the purchase.

At the moment the Kindle will be sold on an import basis to customers in the UK from The price for the device is $279, and when import fees and shipping is added the total comes to $344.98, which works out at £216.85 at today's rates.