The Kindle's UK launch has been a much talked-up affair, but "authoritative sources" are now backing up previous whispers that the device will debut in October.

Those sources, speaking to The Bookseller, suggest the Kindle's arrival to the UK market will be announced next week, ahead of the Frankfurt book fair, with consumer availability during October.

The Bookseller reports a source stating: "The key things they needed to tie up have been tied up", suggesting a wireless operator deal has been done in the UK after Qualcomm has developed a wireless solution that would work over here.

Whether Amazon will launch both the Kindle 2 and the larger and more expensive Kindle DX is yet to be seen. In the States the 6-inch Kindle 2 is priced at $299 which works out as around £187, which could mean a £199 price tag is likely here.

Amazon has not revealed sales figures for the Kindle, but it appears to be a popular product and partly responsible for the surge of the new ebook readers hitting the market.

Although the Kindle was far from the first - and some would argue far from the best - such device around, it's thought Amazon's Apple-like bundled offering of hardware and content has seen greater consumer interest in ebook readers in the US.