Musicians hoping to carry the sheet music to that perfect ditty wherever they are, will now be able to do so from their Kindle, following an announcement from a sheet music publisher in the US.

Sheet music publisher FreeHand Systems has announced that its Novato Music Press catalogue, consisting of over 20,000 classical, traditional and American music titles, will be available for the Amazon Kindle.

Although the 20,000 titles on offer is just a fraction of the company's rights to publish some 130,000 titles, it has said that it eventually plans to have all titles ranging from jazz to pop to country available in ebook format.

The Novato Music Press catalogue includes 20,046 titles by 1350 composers and consists of solo, chamber, opera and orchestra scores including J. S. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

For people that can't get hold of the Amazon ebook reader, the company already offers its own version of the Kindle, called MusicPad Pro Plus costing $899.