Likely to be welcomed by many, has launched "frustration-free packaging" a new initiative designed to "make it easier for customers to liberate products from their packages"

Amazon says it is focusing first on two kinds of items: those enclosed in hard plastic cases known as "clamshells" and those secured with plastic-coated wire ties, often used in toy packaging. As well easier to open, the scheme should see the packaging reduced - and therefore more eco.

Frustration-free packaging is first being launched in the US with 19 products from manufacturers including Fisher-Price, Mattel, Microsoft and Transcend with plans to expand across Amazon's international sites beginning in 2009.

"I think we've all experienced the frustration that sometimes occurs when you try to get a new toy or electronics product out of its package", said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

"It will take many years, but our vision is to offer our entire catalog of products in Frustration-Free Packaging. We'd like to thank Fisher-Price, Mattel, Microsoft and Transcend for working with us in this effort - we truly appreciate it."