Online reports are suggesting that Amazon's Kindle, popular in the States in its own right as a consumer electronics device, may be getting a new lease of life in universities.

The Princeton University Press is planning to launch textbooks on the Kindle platform, with one tome by Robert Shiller, a Yale uni economist, getting a release 2 weeks earlier on the Kindle than in print.

Apparently, by the beginning of the autumn, Princeton plans to have several hundred books available for sale through the Kindle - and - good news for students, the e-editions are often cheaper than the hard copies.

Princton joins Yale University Press and Oxford University Press in publishing for the Kindle, while the University of California Press recently had about 40 of its volumes readied for the Kindle and is "ramping up" production.

The Kindle's US price tag has recently dropped to $359 from $399, but there is no news yet on a UK launch for the electronic book reader device.