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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced that it's continuing to focus time and energy on revamping the reading experience on its popular Kindle e-book readers. The latest update is designed to make navigation more intuitive. 

The interface change is major, should make quite a big difference to how you navigate different areas of your Kindle reader's interface. One big change is that Amazon is going to make accessing standard settings a lot more like using a smartphone.

With the new update, an arrow at the top of the screen indicates that there's a new drop-down feature. So you swipe down and you get to a panel with quick toggles for things like airplane mode, Bluetooth, manual syncing, the 'All Settings' icon and a screen brightness slider. 

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As well as that, there's going to be a new bottom bar that makes it really easy to switch between 'Home' and 'Library', or choosing to dive back into your current book. This new interface is coming as part of Kindle 5.13.7 firmware version update. 

Later this year, in a further update, Amazon is also introducing new Home and Library screens which make it much easier to sort and filter through the books you have in your library and those you've read recently. 

Which Kindle models qualify

Amazon has said that the update will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Essentially, all models released since 2015 are included in the software revamp. 

How to find out which model Kindle you have

The easiest way to find out which Kindle you have is to had over to Amazon's indentifier page. Compare the visual appearance with yours and also make note of the storage available. 

To find out how much storage you have in yours tap 'Settings' on your Kindle's home page, then "All Settings". Now select "Device options" and then "Device info". Here you'll see your "space available". Compare that with the available storage options in the Amazon identifier list and - along with the visual appearance - it should narrow down the model you own. 

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Another way to find out for sure is to log into Amazon in your region through a browser, and now tap in on the "accounts and lists" drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner. Now choose "manage your content and devices". Tap "Devices" and you should see a "Kindle" option. If you click that it'll show you the Kindle readers associated to your account.  

How to install the update

First, check which version of the OS you're running by opening up Settings > All Settings > Device Options > Device Info. If it says "Kindle 5.13.7" under firmware version, then you're already on the latest OS. If it says anything else, you're on older software. 

It's worth noting, your Kindle keeps itself updated automatically when connected to Wi-Fi, but if you want to try checking for an update yourself open Settings > All Settings > Device Options > Advanced Options > Update Your Kindle. 

If this option is greyed out, it means you can't do it and the easiest course of action is to just wait until the new software arrives on its own over-the-air. 

If you're not patient enough for that, there is a manual installation guide on Amazon's site that walks you through installing it by connecting the Kindle to your computer and manually dragging and dropping the latest software on to your Kindle's internal storage. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Editing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 14 September 2021.