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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced its latest Kindle ebook reader, and it's a radical departure from the devices that have come before it.

The Kindle Oasis is a complete rethinking from the components up, stripping the Kindle down to its essentials and giving you a device that's now much thinner, lighter and with a quirky new design. 


The new design gives you a display that's only 3.4mm think, with a grip housing all the components at one edge, with buttons for page turns. The idea is to make reading as easy and comfortable as possible, with the Oasis designed for effortless one-handed use.

There's a 6-inch E Ink display with 300ppi, the same as the Paperwhite and Voyager that remain in Amazon's line-up, but the front-lighting on the Oasis is now cast from the side through a new diffusion layer that's said to give more even illumination across the panel. 

The Kindle Oasis offers two buttons for page turns, as well as the same full touch navigation via the display. There's an accelerometer onboard so it can be used left- or right-handed, and there's also a landscape mode. 

The reduction in size sees the main Oasis body with a 2-week battery life, but there's a battery cover in the box. This battery brings an additional 7 weeks of use, as well as incorporating a high quality leather cover for the display.

The battery case fixes in place using magnets and comes in a choice of three colours - black, merlot and walnut - all designed to add character as they wear in. 

The Kindle Oasis takes the premium position at the top of the Kindle line-up that starts with the £59 Kindle, stepping up to the £109 Paperwhite, and on to the £169 Voyage.

The Kindle Oasis leaps to £269.99, a price that is almost as staggering as the radical redesign and that's just for Wi-Fi only. If you're after 3G connectivity, you'll be looking at £329.99.

Kindle Oasis is available to pre-order from today, with availability in the next few weeks.

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Writing by Chris Hall.