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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced a more high-end option to its Kindle Paperwhite eBook reader and, as leaked a day early by the retailer's German and Japanese sites, it's called the Kindle Voyage.

In addition, the company has replaced its entry-level model with a new Kindle that adds a touchscreen for just £59.


The Amazon Kindle Voyage is the company's thinnest Kindle yet, being just 7.6mm deep and weighing 180g. It features a new, higher resolution Carta e-paper 6-inch display with 300ppi, and the Paperlight LED lighting system is 39 per cent brighter than before. It is also adaptive, so with dim or brighten automatically based on the ambient light in the room.

Strengthened glass has been used to protect the screen, which is micro-etched to prevent glare for reading in bright-light (sunshine). The etching pattern has also been chosen to more accurately reproduce the feel of paper, says Amazon.

Haptic technology has been utilised in the bezel to give the user a small vibration in his or her thumb to them them know when they've turned a page. Amazon calls its system PagePress and it enables users to turn page by just pressing lightly on the side of the bezel, meaning they don't have to swipe the screen itself.

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Like with Kindle's in the past, the Voyage will be available in Wi-Fi-only and 3G and Wi-Fi options (with lifetime free 3G connection) at £169 and £229 respectively. You can pre-order one now on Amazon.co.uk for delivery on or around 4 November.

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The all-new Kindle has a 20 per cent faster processor than the previous entry-level model and more storage: 4GB. It doesn't come with Paperwhite lighting, but still has a healthy-sized 6-inch screen and, of course, now offers touch for the low price of £59.

That price includes Amazon's "special offers" - advertising on the lock screen basically - but you can also have a version without for £69. The new Kindle is also available for pre-order but ships earlier, on 2 October.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is also still being offered, from £109, but we're not sure for how long.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.