Amazon has launched a new initiative for promising authors who love to write about TV shows and other licensed properties they adore. Fan fiction is huge on the net, and is often posted on fan sites for free, but Amazon is offering a royalty scheme for those who wish to submit their efforts for sale on the Kindle Worlds store.

Only available in the US at launch, sadly, Kindle Worlds will offer fan fiction for between $99 and $3.99 a story. They will be able to be read on any Kindle device, tablet or phone with the Kindle app, and the writer will get 35 per cent of the net revenue if the story is 10,000 words or more, 20 per cent if it's between 5,000 and 10,000.

At the moment, not just any subject can be submitted. You might have a bundle of Star Trek short stories in your drawer, but they won't be accepted because the submitted fan fiction can be based only on the properties Amazon has licensed. So far, that includes shows or books from Warner Bros' Alloy Entertainment division.

Therefore, Amazon will accept stories based on the worlds of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. It is in talks to add further licences to those.

The original world owner will also receive royalties, so everybody is happy. In addition, the copyright to every original element in the stories, any new characters, etc, will be retained by the author.

Some material won't be accepted - pornography, for example - and it is up to Amazon how much it wishes to charge for the material.

Authors are being urged to sign up to the platform now and will be informed when it is open for submissions soon.