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(Pocket-lint) - The Amazon Kindle Touch has received a new lease of life with a software update today, bringing with it an array of new features. 

The Amazon Kindle Touch model was discontinued in October 2012 with the arrival of new models in the Kindle line-up, but today's software update brings with it some features that Paperwhite owners have been enjoying.

There's a new user interface for starters, so you'll get a refreshed look to your Kindle Touch. One change that Amazon highlights is that your "Archived Items" is now called "Cloud". 

You can access book covers, to view your books by their, um, covers, and the time-to-read feature that will calculate your reading speed and tell you when you'll get to the end of the chapter or book. 

When it comes to finding new content you are also better served, with recommendations (you can switch it off if you don't want the intrusion), and if you take a sample of a book, then buy it, you can carry on reading where you left off - and the sample is automatically removed for you.

You also get panel navigation of graphic novels and comics, leading to a better reading experience. 

Elsewhere you now get Whispersync for Voice, which will synchronise what you read with Audible playback, so you can switch from reading to listening without losing your place - this applies only to those devices and titles that support the feature, however.

So, quite a comprehensive refresh. The 5.3.2 update will arrive over the air when your Kindle Touch connects to the internet, or you can manually apply it via USB.

So, do you still have Paperwhite envy?

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Writing by Chris Hall.