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(Pocket-lint) - It is widely expected that Amazon will launch a new version of the Kindle Fire at its forthcoming press event in San Diego on 6 September. A picture of the Kindle Fire 2 has even made it on to the 'net (although there are now reports that it may be of an earlier prototype model).

There are also expectations that Amazon will use the opportunity to refresh its eBook reader range a little, and build on the success of the Kindle Touch launch last year. And pictures have emerged confirming such.

The latest entry into the Amazon Kindle eBook reader range will be a direct rival to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. Like its peer, the new Kindle - which may be called Kindle Paperlight -will have an illuminated screen to make reading in the dark easier.

new kindle paperwhite leaked ahead of 6 september amazon event image 2

In addition, because it is still an e-ink display, we presume you'll be able to turn off the backlight in order to read in sunlight the same way as you can with a conventional Kindle, thereby offering the best of both worlds.

No specifications were leaked to The Verge along with the pictures - which clearly come either from France or Canada, thanks to the on-screen language - but translating the French on the opening screen comes up with a few interesting facts.

Contrast will be higher than before, which is obvious considering the "paperwhite" background and backlight. It will have a higher resolution than the current Kindle range. And the battery will last up to eight weeks, regardless of the illuminated screen.

From the pictures we can also see that the basic design of the new Kindle will be the same as the current Kindle Touch, but without a button on the fascia. It will also revert to the darker grey of Amazon's keyboard version of the eBook reader - presumably to help the eye believe the page is whiter than it is.

Nonetheless, we'll find out more on 6 September, including whether or not the new Kindle Paperlight (if that's what it's to be called) will make it to the UK in time for Christmas.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.