Electrical high street retailer Comet is claiming the nation’s Fifty Shades of Grey obsession has led to a 71 per cent increase in sales of Kindle devices.

The trilogy of books that has got women (and some men) hot under the collar on account of its frequent S&M scenes is said to be responsible for the hike in popularity of the Kindle devices.

However, according to Comet, sales differ considerably depending on whether you’re a southerner or northerner. Whereas Comet stores in the north have seen an increase of Kindle sales of 71 per cent, those in the south have seen a more conservative 29 per cent increase. 

That’s not all. Further research showed the highest number of Kindles was purchased on 24 June and 1 July. What happened on those days, gents? That’s right - it was when England played Italy in Euro 2012 and then the following Sunday when Spain played Italy in the final.

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy currently holds the top four positions in the Amazon Kindle Store, both as individual books and as the complete set.

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