Amazon could begin selling a Kindle eReader with a front-lit display as early as July, according to reports.  

A prototype of the monochrome device, which runs on E Ink’s display, was spotted in April and according to a source that has seen it, Amazon is preparing to release the final model.  

A front-lit display has been on the wish list of eBook readers since it will enable them to use the device in dim-lit environments and even the dark. However, it’s feared that it could also have a detrimental effect on battery life.  

“I do see demand for a front-lit Kindle,” said Jennifer Colegrove, who monitors trends in display technology in her role as vice-president of emerging display technologies at DisplaySearch.  

“(However) front-lit will consume battery power and (it’ll) run out … quicker.”  

It’s thought that a front-lit display will first be seen in a touch 3G and touch W-Fi version, with the increase in cost on previous Kindle readers to be marginal. Perhaps as little as $10.

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