No longer is your bath-time reading constricted to an old Viz or a crumpled copy of your lady's Glamour magazine that have been left lying next to the toilet. From now on, it's perfectly safe to dig deep into your latest novel in electronic form.

Nope, Amazon hasn't unveiled a waterproof Kindle (yet), rather OverBoard, a leading designer and manufacturer of waterproof travel and sports gear, has come to the rescue with its 100 per cent waterproof eBook Reader Case.

The case is a suitable fit not only for the Kindle, but the Sony Reader, Aluratek Libre or "other small, touch-screen tablets" too.

It has a class five waterproof rating and its transparent face is touchscreen friendly, meaning that you'll still be able to work with the usual finger based gestures that you're used to.

It boasts a patented Slide Seal System which guarantees "ultimate waterproof, winter protection". It's even waterproof to 6m, which seems a tad unnecessary - but handy if you drop it in a particularly deep swimming pool, we suppose.

Packed with a shoulder strap, the OverBoard eBook Reader Case is available now for £27.49 from