The Amazon Kindle app for iOS has been updated to version 2.8, bringing with it a couple of pretty major changes - most notably the addition of magazine and newspaper subscriptions now syncing on your iDevice.

The change means that any subscriptions that you have on your Kindle device will now fire over to your iPad or iPhone - adding some colour and pizazz to your publications.

Not all titles seem to be supported at the moment (Pocket-lint got it working with The Economist, but not The Guardian for example) but Amazon states that over 100 newspapers and magazines are supported.

The other notable change in the revised Kindle iOS app is that the link to the Kindle Store has been removed. Fanboys will now have to use their browser if they want to purchase Kindle goodies on the go.

The reason being is that Amazon seems to be refusing to play ball with Apple's new in-app purchase guidelines, which state that all transactions must take place within the Apple ecosystem - thus giving the Cupertino company its 30 per cent share.

The new Kindle app is in the App Store now. It's free and many of the magazines and newspapers have 14-day free trials, so you can take a look at the new syncing options without spending a penny.