The Amazon Kindle is a wondrous thing when it comes to eBook reading, of that there is no denying.

But, when you fancy a quick surf on the world-wide-web, it isn't exactly the most suitable device. Despite having a full QWERTY keyboard, it is a bit tiresome navigating around with the D-Pad and, more often than not, this leads to a rather frustrating browsing experience.

But all that could change with the Kinstant homepage, which is optimised for your Kindle's E-Ink screen, and puts a wealth of handy links all in one place for you.

Simply set Kinstant to be your homepage, enter your own personal favourite URLs (it's best to use mobile versions on your Kindle), or use the suggested ones, and away you go.

There's even a Google Maps widget on board, as well as a calculator.

The service is free (it's merely a customisable) web page and it is available now over at