If you're the type of person who is scared to shop online, because you've had the fear installed into you from horror stories by the mainstream media of people getting their details cloned left, right and centre, you'll be please to know that you can now get your hands on the massively successful Amazon Kindle in the real-world.

John Lewis has announced that it is stocking the ebook reader from 1 November, with the prices matching the Amazon online equivalents.

It's the first time the Kindle has made it out onto the high street in the UK, although over in the States, you can get hold of one from Best Buy.

"We are excited that such a well-respected company as John Lewis will be offering the newest Kindle and Kindle 3G to its customers", said Gordon Willoughby, director of Kindle at Amazon EU.

"John Lewis will be offering its customers a great experience with Kindle - the ability to think of a book and be reading it in less than 60 seconds, read on a screen that looks and reads just like real paper, and carry thousands of books with them wherever they go in just 241 grams".

Well, so there you have it. You now know what your mum is going to buy you for Christmas. You better start practising your surprised face now, and you really should hide the Kindle that you already bought off of Amazon away so she's not disappointed.

And don't bother going to the trouble of putting it on eBay on Boxing Day - John Lewis will take anything back after Christmas. Think of all the booze you could exchange it for.

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