Amazon has taken the bold step of allowing Best Buy to sell its Kindle eBook reader directly in its stores.

The new model Kindles will be available in the huge electronic superstores over in the States in time for Christmas.

It will be the first time that the Kindle has been on sale anywhere other than Amazon's online store.

“There’s no question that e-readers have found their rightful place in today’s digital lifestyle,” said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager of home entertainment for Best Buy.

“Our goal is to help people choose the device that’s right for them by providing the broadest selection of popular e-readers of any retailer, in one convenient place that enables people to easily see, touch, try and buy.”

The new 6-inch Kindle is also the first model that has been directly on sale in the UK. You can pick up a Wi-Fi only model for £109, or a 3G one for £149.

We've contacted our sources at Amazon to see if Best Buys on this side of the pond will be stocking the Kindle and we'll update you as soon as we hear word.