Just 6 hours after Amazon launched a new smaller, lighter, cheaper Kindle and Pocket-lint has already got up close and personal with the new tech - a UK first.

The new ebook reader, which looks lovely next to a cup of coffee, will cost just £109 for the Wi-Fi only device and £149 for the 3G enabled one, meaning you can download books around the globe (thanks to a Vodafone SIM built in) wherever you are, all included in the price of the book.

Yep it's smaller, yep it's brighter, yep it's quicker - as the company hopes to emulate the same success it's had in the US, in the UK.

But it wasn't just the new Kindle we got to play with, but the new cover with a built-in light as well.

That light, which gives a daylight glow, is yet to be priced in the UK, however Amazon has confirmed that it will be coming to the UK at the same time as the new Kindle hits the shores.

When is that? 27 August. However you can pre-order it from today.